Friday, May 9, 2008

Mark sent me two bottles from Bell's Brewery of Michigan.

1) Two Hearted Ale
I opened the bottle and poured it into my favorite pint glass. It has a nice golden brown color that is so common in premium and micro brewed beers. It was cloudier than I expected. It had a light scent. Very floral. It has a small head about 1/2 inch or so. Fine bubbles and enough to let you know it's a carbonated beverage.

The first sip was powerful! This is not a beer for the faint of heart or people that enjoy polenta and pasta with nothing on it but butter. This is a beer for adventurers who are looking for a challenge. This is what Indiana Jones drinks when he gets back from his archaeological Adventures. The malt flavors are all but lost in the intense hoppiness that defines this India Pale Ale. This is not a bitter like one gets from a cheap inferior hop. This is full floral impact. You can taste every part of the flower that gave up it's lovely taste to make this beer. They definitely put in a ton of these lovelies early in the boil because it is almost all flavor and only a hint on your nose of what awaits you.

-Excellent Hoppiness from generous quantities of high quality hops.
-Rewards those who are willing to be adventurous and venture out from their safe suburban beer.

-Not for the faint of heart. your girlfriend might start to question your judgment when you tell her it's good.
-If you're not ready for this it will knock you over, steal your wallet, and scare your girlfriend.

-Makes you feel like you're wearing a fedora , leather jacket, and bullwhip when drinking it.

2)Kalamazoo Royal Amber Ale

I have to start by saying this is a great beer. It is to balance what the Two Hearted Ale is to Hops. The barley and hops in this beer were measured with The Scales of Justice, the boil was timed with an atomic clock, and the temperature was monitored down to the 10th of a degree.

The beer is again, golden brown and cloudy much like the two head. But that is where the similarity ends. The nose has more scent from the grains and the maltiness you might smell in a brown ale. The maltiness hits your pallet first and then is ushered in by the hops gently. The two dance in your mouth like a couple of professional salsa dancers. Spinning and twirling around each other. It's not sweet but has a hit of carmel and earthiness followed by the hop taste that chases it down your throat. This beer is like your buddy that everyone loves. The guy who always has something going on and can make friends with the guy that wants to kick your ass in the bar. Unfortunately he is also the same guy that always gets the girl. He shows up with a big smile next to you and the girl you've been working on in the bar for 20 minutes and 2 minutes later she's forgotten your name and he has her number.

-This is a great beer for anyone on any occasion

-Everyone will love it and then forget you were the one that discovered it and say they discovered it first.

-Like the guy that everyone loves to hang out with but will steal your girlfriend as soon as you're not paying attention.

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