Saturday, June 7, 2008

All Hail the Dark Lord


I had the rare opportunity tonight to do something truly special in the world of beer. I had the opportunity to taste to 2004 Russian Imperial Stout from Munster Indiana by a small but revered brewery know as Three Floyds. Named...The Dark Lord.

The name is steeped in lore of people waiting in line for 1 bottle sold only on 1 day of the year and then sold for hundreds of dollars like a fine bottle of wine.

A beer hailed world wide as a perfect example of the word Beer. A beer that more fully embodies the type than any beer in the world...ever.

So here is my review.

This beer is a singular experience. This is not something you would want to experience on a daily basis or have with food in a casual setting. That would be a waste. This beer is the equivalent of sky diving for the first time. This is something you do for the experience. Not something that everyone gets or would agree with. Like single malt scotch or Kobe beef. Some people get it and appreciate it for the experience and history. And some people will not.

This is an amazingly complex beer. It has a sweet molasses taste that can only be taken in sips. But you want to sip this beer and savor it. You want to review it in your head a little at a time and pick out every flavor and every nuance. You have a sweetness that starts but does not dominate or end in an alcoholy abiss. This beer lingers on all the strength and does not succumb to overdoes of alcohol or contaminated yeast. This is something you sip from a brandy snifter rather than attempt to drink from the bottle or something as course as a pint glass. This beer takes you to the moment when you hit terminal velocity on your first sky dive where you start breathing again and realize that you aren't falling...but are flying.

This is a great beer.

The highs- Makes you feel superior to other earthlings who have no idea what is possible.

The Lows- Once you drink this beer you will compare all others and find them wanting

The Verdict- Don't drink this unless you are ready to accept the consequences

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Mark J. Sheppard said...

I've heard the stories about this beer. The brewery is very close to Chicago and people line up to get it. Very surprised that someone 2,000 miles away got his hands on it. Good for you; it's in worthy hands. I hope to try it and all of it's dark mystery someday.