Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fat Squirrels store their nuts all winter just for us

For the June installment I was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy Mark's selection in Chicago with Mark in person. I took some vacation time and we met up to go to a mutual friend's wedding. So I was able to meet up with my best friend and perform our tasting in person.

Mark gave me two selections from New Glarus brewing company from New Glarus Wisconsin.

1) Fat Squirrel Nut Brown Ale:

There are two things that stand out about this brown ale that are different from others I've had. One is that it's actually carbonated. It's lively on the tongue and proves that brown ales don't have to be served flat. The second is the floral scent and taste to it. It has a tropical flower smell and taste to it that backs up the carmel maltiness.

This is a brown ale that your girlfriend would like yet you and your boys won't mind drinking it outside in daylight where people will see you. It's a refreshing beer so when you stroll down the patio through the sea of heffewizen's with your dark brown ale you can stand out in the crowd without needing to carry a glass of water alongside it to stem off the heat of the summer.

Pros- Unique Brown ale that is actually carbonated and refreshing.

Cons- The bartender may accidentally try to put fruit in your beer or convince you to get a heffewizen like everyone else on the patio.

Verdict- You now have two types of beer you can drink this summer!

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Mark J. Sheppard said...

I first tried Fat Squirrel at a Ft. Adkinson, Wisconsin bar called the Velvet Lips. Use your imagination as to what that means. I didn't forget my first good quaff of it and the next day I had two sixers of it in my trunk. Those Northwoods-ers know their beer [and cheese too!].