Monday, June 16, 2008

Odd Notion - Defying Classification: Magic Hat Odd Notion

Next up in from the Magic Hat family (I was passionately reminded that this is Vermont! beer, not Canadian . . . won't forget that one), was Odd Notion. This beer sort of makes me think of Elvis Costello. How do you classify him? Was he a punk rocker, as on This Year's Model? A pop craftsman as featured on My Aim Is True? A crooner destined to woo Diana Krall and forever be subjected to her laconic jazz warbling? It's a tough call but keep it in mind when considering Odd Notion.

It pours like a Stout, dark and dense. It initially drinks like a brown ale, revealing its complexity slowly. It has the biting finish of a Lager. This is all perplexing. Well, maybe it's just the alcohol. Truth is, the Hat has managed to create a stately hybrid that is great on its own but will drink well with most foods. Speaking of which, I've got leftover Argentinian steak to attend to. Where did Shaun hide the opener?

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BeerShaun said...

Mmmm...Agentinian I just got hungry remembering that gigantic hunk of meat simmering in the juices on our table. That thing could have fed a small village.