Monday, June 16, 2008

This Circus Boy Is No Freak Show

As Shaun alluded to earlier, his travels to the Windy City were fortuitous, allowing us to have a beer summit at my crib. Nothing ordinary was brought to the table, as Shaun supplied some tasty brews from Magic Hat, which proudly hails from his home state of Vermont. First up was the Hat's Circus Boy Hefeweizen. I went through a serious Hefe phase back in '01-'02 but my interest quickly faded after they all started tasting like Lemon Joy to me (not that I drink such things, but would it were . . ).
Enter Circus Boy. This beer renewed my interest in the style because it doesn't have that overwhelming sour citrus flavor that can ruin a beer experience on a hot summer day. Circus is restrained and smooth with good lager-like density. The kicker is that it has a hit of lemon on the finish, but it's not overpowering. Apparently they use lemongrass in the brewing process to cut down on the harsh citrus finish all too common to Hefes. Now I have a new summer beer to enjoy that doesn't seem better suited to cleaning my dishes. For that, a tip of the Hat.

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