Friday, October 31, 2008

Easy Drinking the WA Way - Snoqualmie PGA

My buddy Shaun recently sent me a pair of beers to take away the autumn blahs: 22 oz'ers from Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company that hails from Washington State. First up was the Perfectly Great Amber, confidently labeled "PGA Perfectly Great Amber" on the bottle. There's no shame in these folks game and they have the beer to back it up. This is a moderately intensely colored amber that poured a good, foamy head and opened up to reveal a nice earthy nose. Where the rubber meets the road, the taste, it lives up to its billing. It's very smooth, calm, and not overly-hoppy or too mild. It has a late earthy, hoppy finish that let's you know "men will drink this."

This is a beer that beer geeks who attend tastings and know strange beer facts - for example, that Lagunitas's Censored beer was originally labeled "The Chronic" - will respect; but your average Joe the Plumber, bucket of Miller Lites will revisit once he becomes aware of this tiny brewey's solid amber. Maybe Snoqualmie will get some free plumbing work to boot.

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BeerShaun said...

Well said. this beer definitely lives up to it's name! Funny you should mention the Lagunitas. I just reviewed their excellent Saison. Cheers brother!