Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back in the Saddle with a Special Treat

Hello Beer Fans! I know it's been a while and Mark and I have not been able to trade beers lately.

I had another opportunity at a 100/100 Ratebeer.com beer.

I give you: Russian River Consecration

The first impression I have when looking at it and smelling it is this beer is more like wine than beer. It has a red/brown color with no head that looks like it could be a glass of red wine in dark lighting. The smell is very fruit forward with no hops floralness or beer maltiness. The Black Currant reaches out to your nose and demands its uniqueness.

What jumps out in this totally unique beer is the acidic taste from the Flemish style yeast. Almost vinegar but not so far to make it difficult to drink a sip or the whole glass. It has a slight tart aftertaste. There is almost no hops influence in scent or taste. The yeast provides the tartness to counteract the sweetness and fruitiness.

This is a very unique beer that is more comfortable crashing a wine bar than watching the game with wings.

Completely Original Beer so you can be the first among your friends to introduce it
-If you don't like wine but find yourself in a position where you have to drink it. This beer is your wingman and best friend.
-You're so cool for having known about this beer that other people will think you're cooler than you are for drinking it.

-If you are expecting the typical taste of beer you will be surprised and disappointed
-Is this really beer???

-If you find yourself in a situation that requires beer but demands wine. This beer, like your best man, has your back and won't tell anyone.

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Mark J. Sheppard said...

Well, I definitely have your back; and, quite frankly, I wouldn't want that personally damning fact known to anyone else.