Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dreadnaught on the Horizon

I've been told that I have been lucky to ramp up over the past year on some of the best beers in the world. I owe it to where I live and the fortune of the friends I have.

I was fortunate to have two friends that put me in the position to find and purchase this next beer.

This Three Floyd's dreadnaught Imperial India Pale Ale was not something I would have normally picked up but for my friend Robert who originally introduced me to Three Floyd's via the Dark Lord in Montreal and recommended this via cellphone in a wine store in Chicago.

And Mark who had me out to Chicago again and took me to this "wine store" where we found both this beer and a secret bottle of Dark Lord in the back to be saved for a future review.

Thanks to both Mark and Robert for putting me in a position to purchase this beer.

we opened this beer after 6 months of careful cellaring in our main living room at a controlled temperature of 65 degrees plus or minus 10 degrees.

We opened this in the best atmosphere possible. Tons of friends and good beer. :)

Immediately you can smell the intense floral scent of a high quality full hop smell. Not the smell of hop plugs shipped all the way from Germany 2 years ago and processed into little round rabbit pellets. the smell of full healthy intense hop flowers that were hanging off the portucullis outside the brewery and were hand picked by someone's German grandma and thrown in to the boil at exactly the right time as only can be determined by the feeling in her 90 year old bones.

Looking at the beer it has the clear golden look of a professionally crafted beer with a slight head on top to let you know it's properly carbonated. this is clearly not a hit or miss home brew or a force carbonated "macro brew." This is plain and simple a professionally made beer.

The taste is unique in it's layers. It starts out as a typical IPA with a clear hoppy start to the taste that is pure IPA. What sets this beer apart and keeps your girlfriend from complaining that "it's too hoppy" is the sweetness that follows after the hoppiness. This is an indescribable slightly sweet followup right after the floral taste that clears out the typical after taste that makes Pale Ales more man centric and causes women to turn up their nose. This beer is different. Like Chanel #5 a timeless classic that is approved by both he and she.

-Clean clear professional looking beer that doesn't scream "look at me and my super special beer!"
-Amazing quality of taste from the ingredients
-A unique taste that she'll like too.

-Only sold in Illinois and Indiana. Really? Really??
-About double the cost of a regular beer in the store. No idea what a bar would try to charge for it.

-"Strong enough for a man, but she likes it too."


Mark J. Sheppard said...

I had my first ever Dreadnaught on tap last week at the Village Tap. It's a formidable double IPA, with a beautiful hops aroma balanced with angry hops that make you recall that you are drinking a man's beer. The key with this bad boy it it's exceptional balance between its suggested beauty on the nose and its hard hitting hoppy finish. Few IPAs achieve this sort of harmony. Well done, sir.

mikey_s said...

Dreadnaught is ridiculously good, and also ridiculously overpriced!