Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ommegang's Got The Funk

This review is late in posting. Mark came out to Seattle in March for my birthday and brought me this excellent introduction to Ommegang brewer. Thanks to scheming with my wife! :)

We popped the top on this cork capped bottle and settled in to enjoy. The first thing that hits you is the yeasty funky smell so common with Belgian style Saison beers. When you pour it it has a thick foamy head and a golden cloudy look. Everything at this beer jumps out at you and clamors for attention. This has that coordinated crazy style like going to see Parliament bring the Funk in concert. Where there are 10 people on stage playing big and loud all vying for attention and some how they all come together at the right moment to create great funky music...whiteboy.

That moment is when you take a sip. The yeasty smell blends in to a light hop bite with a citrus aftertaste leading in to the carmel maltiness. All this competes with the highly carbonated mouthfeel and taste. Like the drummer at the back of the band playing over everyone during their drum solo. It all works so well together to create a harmonious experience the George Clinton Himself would envy.

  • Tons of great flavors and smells and feel
  • Makes you feel like George Clinton is playing in your mouth
  • So much going on you need to sit back and enjoy with a friend. This beer demands attention.
  • Smells like George Clinton in the bottle
  • A big exciting beer that the Grand Daddy of funk himself would love

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Mark J. Sheppard said...

That Funkmaster of beers, the venerable Hennepin, tastes differently upon every sip. It's amazing how no two consecutive sips are alike. Oh wait! There's a bit of grapefruit. Oh wait! This time I got a bit of apricot. Wait! This time I taste spice. You get the idea.