Monday, August 24, 2009

Local 1 for the Modern Working Man

We had friends over for a special beer tasting series and Josh brought over a special bottle that, coincidentally, Mark had also been raving about. So luckily I got to try it and post up a review. Brooklyn Brewing brings us a special brew made by and made for their union brethren. It’s know as Local 1 and it’s reminiscent of a Belgian strong ale but with a unique brown ale type of malty sweetness. Its bottle fermented so it’s cloudy with light carbonation but still effervescent. The head has big fluffy bubbles, more than you'd expect from bottle carbonation. The union definitely has quality control under control. It has a malty nose with hints of brandy. Just like back in the old days where everything was made right under one roof there’s no outsourcing of flavor or carbonation. It all happens in the bottle.

-Union Made and Union Approved all in one bottle.

-Bottle fermenting means you’ll have to wait until everyone is good and ready to finish before you can drink it. So it may take a little longer than a non-union beer before it’s ready to drink.

-American beer made for today’s working man

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