Monday, August 24, 2009

Son of The Founders

I was recently out in Chicago to visit Mark and he sent me home with a couple of treats. Along with the 2 cases of Three Floyds (to be reviewed in an upcoming installment series). He introduced me to Founders brewing while I was there and I have to agree with him that this is one of the best breweries going. All there offerings are solid and Their Kentucky Breakfast Stout is something special whether you have it for breakfast or not. Mark sent me home with their double IPA. The Founders double IPA starts with a heady hop nose typical of the style. When you pour it there is just a thin head to let you know it’s carbonated and if you look closely it’s not cloudy but has sediment in suspension. It’s unique. It has a layered taste that’s also unique. It starts off tart, then malty in the middle to cut the tartness, and finishes long with a strong hops ending. It’s methodical in the way the flavors walk you through the taste from the opening hit of carbonation to the final hops finish. Like a tour guide at the art museum slowly moving you from room to room, pointing out each of the pieces and one or two special things to pick out. I’ve tasted many other Founders offerings and while this is good if I had access I think I would get some of their other offerings such as Breakfast stout, or Old Curmudgeon.
-Methodical sensibility that walks you through every flavor in the taste
-Hard to find in the Northwest and if I could find Founders I would get something else by them
-A great solid double IPA but not the favorite son of the Founders


mikey_s said...

Kentucky Breakfast Stout is great stuff. I had a six pack of it shipped out here early this year, sadly it's long gone. If you like that one, try Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout. Also dense and fantastic. My brother in law in Chicago has standing orders to pick me up some whenever it's released!

MJS said...

I take personal offense to the fact that the review of the Founders Double Trouble is not glowing! Ha ha. I absolutely love that beer. It looks like a Hefe, has a clever aroma that is not quite as hop revealing as other IPAs, then announces its hop presence in a gradual unfolding. A singular brew and surely one of the best doubles out there.