Monday, September 14, 2009

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice ("Cerveza Crema")

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice (Cerveza Crema)

If you were to make summer tangible, into an actual object, what would it look like? An ice cream cone? A classic Firebird convertible, sun gleaming on it with the top down? Is it Megan Fox working on a car as in that famous scene from Transformers? I need a second. Whew. Well, Anderson Valley takes their stab at it with their unique Summer Solstice beer. I opened the bottle expecting it to be an amber with maybe a slightly woody taste to it. You know, a typical Wisconsin beer that you throw down in your back yard in some Indian-named city with a bunch of dudes named Olaf wearing winter coats in June. It poured a very rich head that hung around for a while and confirmed that at least this wasn’t going to be a dull New Belgium Flat Tire. But, would this alternately named Cerveza Crema truly taste like summer?

It surely made a strong effort. It had a northern fruit smell to it, reminding me of something in the apples, apricot variety, and I got an apricot or melon taste from the first sip. This was driven by the heavy malt presence that’s not overdone so it doesn’t come off overly sweet. I’d rate this one as smooth as . . well, let’s not get back into Megan Fox. But, at least I could get my lips on another one of these on the next hot July day. And, to get one, I don’t even have to sweat as hard as the Mexican laborers for whom they proudly gave this its alternative name. Here’s to summer!

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