Thursday, September 3, 2009

Robert The Bruce King of the Scotch Ales

This is a continuation of my series on Three Floyds Brewing. This offering is a bit of a departure from their standard hoppy ale offerings that seem to be theme for their large production beers. The aptly named. "Robert the Bruce." The man who led Scotland to independence from England and become king of Scotland.

Just like that famous king this beer asserts it's independence from the others in the FFF family by being the malty antithesis of say, the Alpha King.

It has a light brown color and thin head with a malty brown sugar nose. The taste follows suit. It has a heavy brown sugar taste with enough carbonation to break up and balance the sweetness and maltiness. It's not sweet like say a honey mead or fruit beer. Just sweet enough and crisp enough to still be refreshing. This is a good autumn beer when warm days and cool nights drive you towards something with a little more body that can stand up to the range of temperatures and the elements. This is a good late night beer or something to break up all the hoppy IPAs you've been drinking all the time. It stands up well to meaty and spicy food such as burgers and tacos. This is a versatile beer that will let people know, you are independent. you may start to have problems with authority and start asserting yourself right there in the bar. You may decide to start wearing a kilt, putting on blue warpaint and telling the bouncer to kiss your arse.


-Not a crazy hoppy beer but has weight and flavor from the malt side of the family.
-Makes you feel like you're independent and don't need someone to tell you what to drink or what's cool to drink.
-Would love to see a scotch barrel aged version of this!

-You may have a tendency to put on blue war paint and shout Freedom!! in the middle of the bar.
-may get kicked out of the bar for fighting the power.

-The other king that stands up to the IPA establishment and sets up his own kingdom

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