Saturday, September 5, 2009

Old Viscosity's Older Brother

Okay. I've been deviating from the formula a bit and posting up reviews on beers that have not been sent by Mark every once in a while. This is one of those whiles.

This is the Older Viscosity from Port Brewing and, (Pregnant pause) it's important.

This beer is black as a new moon blocking out all light. It is Super sweet malty up front.
The nose is sugary and the first taste follows suit. I almost couldn't handle it. Super spicy bourbon flavors follow and end.
Hops are no where to be seen or heard from. This is a take no prisoners Russian Imperial stout
or there abouts that does not care if it is true to form or not.

Unlike the younger brother you may be familiar with, which is 20% bourbon barrel aged and
80% steel aged, this is the opposite. 80/20 bourbon barrel aged to steel aged Russian imperial stout.
It has grown up and matured beyond what you expect. It is wiser and more demanding than it's younger brother.
Like a good table wine this sticks to no boundaries. Perfect for heavy spicy food like BBQ or Mexican
it is definitely not pedestrian. No mere mortal should drink a full glass alone.
This is something that can counter the gamiest of meats and most intense spices.
If maybe you were Ted Nugent serving wild boar that you had just slain on your own property.
Or grizzly bear that you had just killed with a Bowie knife in a life and death struggle. This is your beer.
This is an intense beer. It's too much sweet and too much bourbon spice and so worth it.
Like that girlfriend that was always trouble but you couldn't stay away from.

You need to let this warm up so the bourbon nose can blossom and the spicy aftertaste can stand up to
the malty sweetness. It's special but demands a lot from whomever drinks it.

-Strong malty stout sweetness followed by strong bourbon woody
spiciness. Stands up to anything you throw at it.
-A complex special sipping beer that really opens up to you if you are able to stand up to the
initial malt sweet onslaught.

-Not a beer that a mere mortal can drink without a substantial meal to
balance it marinaded hanger steak and maybe raw bear meat.
-You're not worthy.

For only the stoutest of hearts, and menus.

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