Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sofa King Alpha King

This is the first installment of the multi part series on The Three Floyd's Brewery. Mark took me to Munster Indiana to the home of Three Floyds where we sat with a couple of friends and tasted some great beers. I bought two cases to bring home with me with a full assortment of everything they had available at the time. Little did I realize that it would be the most expensive cases of beer I'd ever buy. The beer was a little pricey but nothing out of the ordinary for a top tier beer. Where it got expensive is when I realized I'd need to take a taxi to the airport instead of the train I took in to the city in order to transport the beer +$40. Then I had to repack them in two wax boxes +$20. So it cost me an extra $60 for the two cases on top of what I paid for them. Oh the sacrifices we make to bring home the best. :)

On to the first review!

The first review is for their Alpha King! This is their standard bearer of their mass production offering. I found it on tap in many places around Chicago. Unfortunately you can't get it in the Pacific Northwest at Any price. It has a golden brown color that is a little lighter than say an Amber. It has a thick foamy head and the hoppy smell wafts out of the bottle at you immediately. It is the defining point of this beer. It is so floral and sweet without being sugary or overly malty. This is special. It's as if the malt hits the front of your tongue at the exact instant that the hops hit the back of your tongue. The precision is amazing. It's a hoppy beer that are tempered by the malt slightly but really the hops themselves are a beautiful thing. And the best part is the finish. This finish lingers. And I mean I can take a drink. Eat a piece of my wife's chicken parmigian and still taste the beautiful hops on the back of my tongue. I've been writing for a couple minutes now and STILL can taste the hops on my tongue!

-Beautiful Hop aromas and flavors that last and last.
-The last beer you may ever taste!

-Um I can still taste it...
-A little pricier than I expected. :)
-The True King of Beer!

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