Sunday, December 27, 2009

Battle of 10 Below-What's the Scuttlebutt?

At the Winterfest we had a great opportunity to taste Scuttlebutt's 10 Below winter ale and their Black Cherry 10 Below. Two versions of the same beer side by side.
both are dark holiday ales with a light head. The
regular has more carbonation and a light malty taste
for a winter ale. The black cherry definitely had
lighter carbonation and a hotter alcohol taste.
The malt comes out more. The nose on the black cherry
is sweeter. The standard picks up a little more hops.
I can't say the black cherry actually has a black cherry
flavor but it'd definitly more malty sweet. The black
cherry has a stronger alcohol flavor.

Pros -
If you like hops pick the regular. If you like
maltier and sweeter get the black cherry.

cons - Not standouts in the crowd.

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MJS said...

Did you mean Scuttlebutt, not Smuttynose?