Saturday, December 5, 2009

Black Raven: Le Petit Mort kills the competition!

The femme fatal of the festival was definitely Black Raven's little death Le Petit Mort. This true gem was an amazing complex beer. It is a bourbon barrel aged holiday ale. I was able to speak to the brewer a bit about it. He added tons of interesting spices such as nettle and honey alongside the hops. Then aged it in bourbon barrels. It was definitely interesting to taste as it warmed up in my hand. it opened up as it got closer to room temperature. I definitely recommend drinking it at this temperature.

It has a spicey nose to it and a dark ruby/amber color. It starts with a malty sweetness and picks up a very smooth rasin taste from the barrel. the tannins from the barrel are very subtle and the bourbon is not as hot or overwhelming as it can be in many other barrel aged beers. clearly this beer was loved and cared for during the aging process. As it warmed up the hop and bourbon overtones settle in your throat more and linger on your palette. It's amazingly complex. Hats off to Black Raven for their imagination, excellent execution, care, and attention to detail.

Pros: amazingly complex enjoyable beer that is a joy to drink and savor.

Cons:I was able to only get 2ozs at a time.
-You'll want to drink it too fast to properly enjoy it.

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