Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boundary Bay 08 Oak Aged Cabin Fever

This was another stand out offering from the Washington Winter Beer Festival. Boundary Bay always makes a good beer but I don't always end going for them just because of the sheer volume of selection in the area and I don't always have the wherewithal to remember what makes them stand out.

This Oak Aged Cabin Fever definitely stood out in this crowd with one word. Tequila. Not something I typically taste in a beer and it wasn't dominant but once I figured out what it was my wife and I both agreed it was in there somewhere.

The Oak Aged Cabin Fever has a strong sweet carmel nose as you'd expect from a winter ale. It settles in the middle of the tongue and then is balanced with peppery spicy hops that give it a more unique taste for holiday ale. Then the barrel flavors start to rise out slowly. You scratch your head trying to place it, Sambuca? Licorice? rubber tire swing? No...wait...TEQUILA! It's by no means dominant but it is in there and gives a pleasing and unique aftertaste that sets this apart from the crowd.

My sombrero off to you Boundary Bay! Now I'll always be able to remember what makes you unique.

-Makes you want to dance on a bar to saxiphone music in white platform loafers.

-I may be imagining it as some of my other friends couldn't pick out the same flavor.

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