Thursday, December 31, 2009

Death to Pumpkins!-Snipes Mountain 08 Bourbon Pumpkin Death

Mark and I have been tearing it up back and forth
this month. Breaking away from the original theme
a bit to bring more regular reviews and share with
each other the new beers we've been able to try.
This next beer is another from the Seattle
Winterfest series.

Snipes mtn. 2008 bourbon pumpkin death.

- this is an imperial stout and let's you know
right away. If there were any pumkpin in this
it was run off some time in late 08.I guess that's
where the pumpkin death comes from.

This is all imperial stout. The barrel aging is
evident in the smoothness. As it warms up you start
to get more crystal and chocolate malt with the
bourbon barrel warmth. And no pumpkin. Anywhere.
Definitely something to sip not to drink.
A pleasure to drink and something that would stand
up well to say Habenero chicken wings, or a nice
Filet Mignon or Fresh baked Pumpkin! I never liked
that orange color and the way those Jack o'lanterns
always look at you like they're all better than you.
Who's scared now Pumpkin!

Pros: If you're a Pumpkin hater and are sick of
those fall pumpkin beers, look no further. This is
your beer.

Cons: If you are looking for a pumpkin stout you
may find yourself getting up off the floor after
the first taste. This is not the beer for you.

Verdict: An excellent beer for the pumpkin hater in
all of us. Best served with pumpkin pie, preferably
while your jack o'lantern watches...

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