Saturday, December 5, 2009

Schooner Exact: Hoppy the Woodsman

I've been hunting around for this beer as I'm a fan of Schooner Exact's offerings and have been looking forward to their barrel aged beer.

It's amber and clean with a light ring of a head. It starts sweet. It has a malty nose. It has a bitter hop aftertaste that lingers clearly on the sides of the tongue. It's a complex mix but a little chunky. It's a solid beer but needs more aging to mellow and mix the flavors a bit more.


Robert said...

The Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle is going to be serving a keg of it On christmas eve, 2009.
Also, look for it at their barleywine festival in march (a vintage keg too, so it'll have mellowed nicely)

BeerShaun said...

Ooh. thanks for the tip! I'd definitely be up for trying the vintage keg. It could definitely use a little mellowing to pull it together. I'll have to make sure to attend the Barleywine festival.