Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter Beerfest series: Ram Mocha Stout

Jen and I went to the Washington Winter Beer Festival today and had the opportunity to try some excellent offerings from some of Washington's finest. I'll post up my thoughts on a couple of the standouts we enjoyed.

The Ram brewing Mocha stout is a rare mocha stout that actually smells and tastes like mocha instead of coffee or chocolate syrup. It has a fine light head with light carbonation. It's has the signature black color and fine head that only comes from a stout. It has a distinctive mocha nose. Not just chocolate and not just coffee but a subtle combination that is hard to imitate or fake. The taste begins with a light mocha taste that is sweet but not sugary or syrupy. The malty stout character makes its way in next. The aftertaste has a light chocolaty flavor that lingers. It's an excellent example of a sweet stout that's not overly sweet or overly malty. Definitely a pleasure on a cold night.

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