Saturday, January 16, 2010

2 Beers Brewing - Younger Hops please...

My wife bought me a coupon for a beer tasting at 2 beers brewing. She knows me too well. :) So we went down this afternoon with a couple of friends and did a tasting of their offerings. In summary I think they had a solid offering of malty brews but their hops quality was sub par. Any hoppy tasting beer had a metallic taste with a harsh bitterness. Like they were using hop pellets rather than the easily accessible fresh hops available in this region. Based on that I think they need a little more maturing and aren't up to the local standards of say Schooner Exact or Trade Route. Who are two local breweries I would say are on similar size.

-Their 20:20 Blonde was a very nice pilsner. It's made with authentic German Malt Pils. It's fresh and has a nice effervescence. This is a nice drinking beer that would be a great summer beer or something you'd get for the girl you're trying to impress. She'd like it and it would be respectable for you to drink as well.

-Amber. This is a a bit of a caught in the middle beer. The brown ale is much stronger and the Blonde is more drinkable. Right now this beer doesn't really distinguish itself enough. This style is the defacto style that most people order at the bar. So they need to work on it a bit.

-Brown Ale. This was my favorite of the offerings. The malts were nice and strong with solid carbonation and a hop bite at the end. there was a coffee taste that was a nice addition that made this brown ale stand out from your standard brown ale. It was well balanced and showed off a good mix of skills and ingredients. The malts were strong enough to keep the inferior hops at bay.

-Echo IPA. This was a sad IPA experience. The hops were strong but in a bitter metallic way that was not pleasing or exciting. it definitely sent up a red flag for me. Skip this one.

-Jive Espresso Stout. This was a solid stout. It was not as dry as some I've had or as hot/alcoholic as an imperial can be. It was very drinkable. Given the choice I picked the brown ale as my full pint choice at the end. I look forward to seeing these guys grow and develop and hop to see them increase their hops budget in the future.

Pros: Solid quality malts, great Brown ale.

cons: Metallic rabbit pellet cheapo hops make anything hoppy taste like crap.

verdict: Stick to the darks and every once in a while tell your friend to try the IPA to see if it gets better or not.

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