Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hair of The Dog - Michael (not that Jackson)

Wow so I've now had this beer 3 times since the dock sale in November. Once at the sale, Once at Brouwer's Big Wood festival, and Once from my own stash last weekend. I've been holding off since it seemed like it was still a little young and hot but I have to tell you last weekend it was Awesome!!

This is Allen Sprints' newest brew and is dedicated to Michael Jackson, The beer critic, not the pop star.

It's a Flanders Style sour ale that has been aged for 6 months in new oak barrels and bottle conditioned.

It really is special. One of those beers that no matter who you ask to try it, you always get a "wow."

It's actually kind of fun to walk around to your friends and say, "try this" and then watch as the take a sip, stop, the brain lights up and starts computing, keeps computing, keeps then the eyes light up, more processing goes on, and they look up and say..."wow." That's amazing.

I'm not trying to be a fanboi but out of the bottle this really is a great beer. The sour notes up front are controlled and not as strong as say a Russian River Consecration or Cascade sour. It really is a subtle use of the flavor to suck you in to the beer and really start thinking about it. It then adds on the next layer of maltiness that can some times get swept away by the sour in these types of ales. there is a nice hoppiness at the end that cleans up the flavors and pulls them together so that the aftertaste lingers in a pleasing way and gives you time to really think about the taste and enjoy it.

This also isn't such a strong or full bodied beer that you can't drink a whole bottle yourself. It's still very drinkable and won't wear you out or have you crawling across the finish line. It really is a razor fine balancing act that's carried out with precision.

Pros: An excellent Flanders that really shows that a great beer can be appreciated and enjoyed by anyone.

Cons: You spend so much time blathering on about the taste and having your friends taste it you don't really get to drink much yourself. Any you forget to write about how it looks or smells.

Verdict: Another home run that you shouldn't be afraid to drink now or in a year or two.

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