Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lucky 13 Laggi Red - Summer time and picnics in a bottle

Alright. Since it's January and we're all in a funk from the weather I'm going to dig out a review from this past summer that I've been lax in posting up. Also I know Mark was keen to know my opinion on one of his personal favorites.

A while back Mark sent me some Lagunitas Lucky 13 Red Ale. Mark met the brewer at an event over the summer in Chicago and really hit it off with the guy and his beer.

My wife and I had a picnic in the park one summer afternoon with another couple so we brought this along. My buddy is also a big beer head so I knew he'd appreciate it.

It pours with a thick foamy head and there's a pleasant hop nose that really comes up out of the glass at you. I thought this was very unique as most red ales are very lightly hopped and there's not usually any hop aroma. It's a typical red/brown color and nice and clear. I like clean filtered beers in the summer time. They just are more refreshing for some reason and feel better on you're out in the hot sun.

It starts out malty up front with a nice sweetness. Not syrupy or overly sweet. The carbonation breaks it up a bit as it hits your tongue and really helps fire off the taste buds in a way that points out exactly which parts of your tongue are sending you signals. You can really feel the front of your tongue light up first and then as the hops kick in you get a second kick on the sides of your tongue in the back. It really is a pleasant experience that makes you sit back, smile and relax. It has a rich flavor that's not too sweet or syrupy. It was definitely a perfect choice for a summer picnic.

Pros: Lights up the tongue like Fourth of July. Great for an outdoor picnic or when you're in the mood to relax and smile with a good beer.

Cons: You could get busted for drinking alcohol in the park since you'll clearly look like you're drinking a really good beer.

Verdict: Enjoy! But don't let 'the man' catch you enjoying it too much.

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