Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout-For thick necked guys named Gunter, and you.

This is the second of the thick black beers from Mark. You know the ones that "only thick necked guys named Gunter" drink. Some of you may be a little young for that one so google "becks beer commercials" on facetube, or whatever it's called.

Mark has picked out one of his favorites from one of his favorite breweries for me. Brooklyn Brewing's Black chocolate Stout. Or as I like to call it "Black Chocolate Yum." It pours a nice warm thick black with a foamy cocoa colored head. I can definitely smell the chocolate and crystal malt. It has a sweet nutty malty smell.

It has a nice thick mouthfeel that is almost creamy when the foamy head exerts itself on your mouth. It's a comfy warm hug in your mouth. the carbonation is present and tickles the tip of your tongue but is not the sole support of this beer. I can see why Mark is such a fan of those boys from Brooklyn. This is a solid top quality beer that is so inviting you can't help but sit back and smile when you drink it.

Okay so now on to the taste. There's a nice roasty caramel nutty taste with a bitterness that cleans up the palette and still lingers after without drowning out the rest of the flavor. This beer feels like all the great things about winter. Hanging out in a cozy bar in a heavy sweater after a long day out skiing. A fire blazing in the background and swapping fish stories with friends on how steep and deep you went that day or how much air you caught, while leaving out the part about the inept landing and time spent finding your skis and goggles. This beer warms you up and keeps a smile on your face. swallow after swallow it has a smooth creamy mouthfeel which, honestly, I would have to say is really my most favorite part of this beer. It's like a nice creamy tomato soup. The kind that just wraps your tongue and slides down your throat to warm your insides. Mmm mmm.

This is one of my favorite stouts.  Not as crazy complex an an Imperial like the dark lord but a wonderful warm drinkable stout that still has the body and strength of a stout.

Pros: Warm roasty sit by the fire all night beer that's a pleasure to drink.

Cons: At 10% ABV and this easy to drink you probably will last about 2-3 beers before your skiing stories become completely incomprehensible.

Verdict: A wonderful warm chocolate stout who's only limit is your ability to drink. 5 out of 5 stars.

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