Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beerthday Tour of Portland! - Cascade brewing

Well it's been a while since I've posted up. There's been a bunch of things going on that I have to share with everyone!

In April Mark and I will be making a pilgrimage to Munster Indiana for Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds. I am looking forward to it buddy! Both of us are equipped with our golden tickets and will be figuring out exactly what the current limits of bootlegging laws allow. :)

This week my wonderful wife set up a mid-week overnight to Portland for a beer tasting tour! Isn't she just the best. :)

We started our tour at the Raccoon Lodge which is the home of the world class Cascade Brewing. Specializing in barrel aged sour ales. They make some truly unique beers.The bar tender was very friendly and knowledgeable about each of the beers. He set us up with a sampler and that meant every beer on their tap list. Yum.

Two of their special seasonals really tickled our taste buds. Oh, and all those barrels behind me. Yeah those are full.

The Noyeaux was an Amazing fruity sour, almost biting but with just enough restraint. If you drink it too fast it will bite the back of your throat but it rewards a slow relaxed swig. It is more balanced than say, the Supplication where I can taste the fruit over the sour. Very nice.

The Spring Gose was our favorite. An awesome sour with Lavender, fruit, and sea salt. The complex taste from the sweet, salt, and sour really tickle every taste bud in your mouth. The salt specifically flattens the finish to subdue the sour bite and aftertaste.

Thanks to Chris, the brewer, for doing my friends and I a favor. ;)

The next stop on the trip was our hotel in Portland where we relaxed and sobered up before heading to Deschutes for dinner and more tasting.


Urban Beer Hiker said...

That is a VERY happy look on your face, sir. It's kind of dirty, actually...

Anyway, did you happen to get any tidbits of info on Cascade's new brewhouse opening in SE Portland?

BeerShaun said...


I didn't know they were moving so I didn't ask about the new place. I wonder if they'll keep the Raccoon Lodge name. :)

I plan to make another trip down after DLD to see them again as well as check out Allen's new taphouse in May.

crabbsoup said...

Hello Beer Shaun - glad you enjoyed your time, and the sours, at Cascade! The Cascade Barrel House will open in SE Portland in 2 months or so - it will be the tasting room for Cascade and give us an outlet on the east side - it is not a replica of the Raccoon Lodge. Join our mailing list at or Facebook page - CascadeBrewing and stay tuned on the details - cheers!

BeerShaun said...

Excellent Crabsoup! Thanks for the update. We can't wait to try out your new tasting room!