Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beerthday Tour of Pour tland #2! - Deschutes for dinner.

Excellent story from Founders Mark! That's right up their with the great guys at Cascade. One thing I love about being a beer head is no matter where you go the great brewers are always nice welcoming people who are happy to show you their work.

Let me continue with my Beerthday Journey in Portland.

After the wife and I were done relaxing at the hotel we went out to dinner at Deschutes Brewing's brewpub in downtown Portland. They have an excellent and very polished large space. Big pane windows everywhere, tall ceilings and huge carved beams with intricate carvings of Northwestern nature scenes. Big shiny fermenters in the background.

It's a very impressive establishment.

Deschutes is one of my favorite large breweries. Their entire lineup is solid and enjoyable. They also produce some special seasonals and limited releases. Much like Sam Adams in how they've organized their lineup and I think it's a smart way to run a top tier brewery and business. They had a great full food menu. All of the northwest scenes around us seemed to have Elk and various large fence jumping type animals. So I was compelled by all the staring wood carvings to order the Black Butte Elk Stew. It was excellent and the B.B. Porter is one of my favorite standards from Deschutes. I highly recommend it as it has a nice mix of the porter elements and the flavorful elk.

Now down to beer. I was dissappointed. They had all their specials available in bottles but none on tap. I would have loved to have an Abyss or Black Butte XXI on tap to taste the difference a keg or cask makes. We ordered a sampler of the standards and as usual my favorites are the porter and their Inversion IPA. Their Obsidian stout is also very good but I wasn't too in to the tasting because I was kinda let down by not having any special seasonals available. That's kinda the key exciting part of visiting a brewery or brew pub for a beer head you know.

All in all a great space and I'm still a fan of their beer, but guys I'm begging you...Put the Abyss on tap!

I caught sight of something interesting brewing on the way out...


MJS said...

Excellent review. A great brewer has to do a slightly better job of knowing the customer base. Namely, they should know what beerheads want to drink - the seasonals!

BeerShaun said...

Exactly. Although looking through the sampler list we did get to taste the Hop Henge which is a seasonal and they did have Inverson on cask. I guess I just didn't remember those two. ;)