Monday, April 19, 2010

Juicy: Moylan's Hopsickle Imperial IPA

I recently tried this California behemoth - 9.2% - at the Long Room.  Amazingly enough, a friend of mine who also ordered one, immediately, upon sipping it, recognized its similarity to an IPA from Marin Brewery, which, as we found out, is a brewery affiliated with Moylan's. 

The Hopsickle is a major endeavor.  It pours a modest head and does not leave substantial lacing. Mine was served in a snifter glass.  It offers a nose revealing bright, orange hop notes.  As for the taste, all I can say is that it's quite juicy.  Each sip made my mouth salivate.  It has a moist hop profile that does not bite but saturates the palate with hop oils. The finish coats the throat smoothly but with pronounced hoppiness.  The entire drinking experience is a mellow one and I could session this but for the massive concentration of alcohol.  Two of these was all I could manage, and I did not manage well.

PROS:  A smooth, hoppy venture.  Will make you want another.

CONS:   If you plan on drinking more than two, expect yourself to be eating late night corn beef hash at the local diner.

VERDICT:  Indulge yourself in this one.  It's not as though Flo hasn't served your drunk ass eggs at two in the morning before. 

* * * * 1/2 stars.  Brilliantly brewed.

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