Friday, April 9, 2010

Lost Abbey - Angels Share Meets Older Viscosity?

Oh yeah. This is one of those "everyone said get it because it's great." so I've had a bottle of this in the cabinet for a year but never even tasted it. I tried this with a buddy celebrating at the best kept secret for beer in the neighborhood and they happen to have Angels Share on tap. Why, because they're the best kept secret in the neighborhood. Point being as I looked at this beer and tasted it, smelled it, and took a sip... I recognize this...but took a minute. Hmm. I've got it! This is the same beer I had here last summer! The Older Viscosity! Granted it's a great high abv sipping beer I expected a little more separation between port brewing and lost abbey on their flagship. Great beer but If you want to see my review see my review of older viscosity last year to get the story. Enjoy!
(And yes if you're following the pictures I only have one drinking shirt)

As I've reflected back on this I am being a little harsh. It really is a great beer. The barrel aging is very pronounced but it is not quite as motor oil thick as the Older V. It's a bit more drinkable overall and still an excellent beer. Mark recently tasted this one as well. You can check out his review here: Angels We Have Had On Tap - Lost Abbey's Angel's Share

I have to agree with my buddy on this one. It's a very good beer and very distinctive. But I think it's a little over hyped. It's complex and has a lot of style once you cut through the strength but I think if you dig in to this with too high an expectation you'll just be overwhelmed by the booziness of it expecting something more balanced.

I give it 4/5 but I admit I'm a little let down just because I expected to give it 5.


MJS said...

I find it interesting that you compare Angel's Share with Older Viscosity. I thought the OV had a lot more obvious bourbon flavor whereas the AS was "calmer" and drank more like a wine. Both are excellent beers. I preferred the AS for it's less heavy nature, but if it was a cold night, I'd rather an OV.

BeerShaun said...

As an honest follow up We did have a side by side tasting of Older Viscosity and Angel's Share and they were definitely different. Angel's Share was lighter and sweeter. I still contend that they are siblings from the same batches though. Just a different blend.