Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shaun's DLD experience Part 2 - Actually getting our Dark Lord

Sorry to all the interested readers out there who have been left hanging the last 20 days. I was on vacation for a while and then when I got back it was Seattle Beer Week! So I have spent too much time out and about and not enough in front of my computer. Here is the second installment from Shaun's version of Dark Lord Day or "How we finally got around to getting our Dark Lord."

Monday, May 3, 2010

DLD Aftermath: Great Divide Brewery Barrel Aged Yeti

This is the last beer of note from Dark Lord Day weekend that warrants a full post.  On the day after DLD, Shaun and I headed down to Chicago's great Twisted Spoke in search of a couple of Bloody Marys.  We found them piled high with lunchmeat in the traditional Spoke style.  But, with all of those great beers they have on tap and in bottles, there wasn't as chance in hell we were leaving without some brews. My first beer was a Founders Hand of Doom Double IPA (as described), that was crisp and hoppy with an elegant layer of malt.  

DLD Aftermath: Hair of the Dog Michael

I know I've stretched out the "Dark Lord Day Aftermath" series of posts, but there was a lot to absorb (such as my drowned liver) that weekend, and I've been ill all week.  Bear with me.  This is one of the last DLD related posts.  Anyway, Shaun and I finished the last day of his weekend in town by, of course, getting some beers!  After stopping at two of Chicago's best beer bars during the day/evening, namely, The Twisted Spoke and Hop Leaf, Shaun and I headed home.  He had a flight to Seattle the next day, back to the Great Northwest and its outstanding cadre of breweries.  Before turning in, it was a perfect time to pop open one of these fine Northwest brews that Shaun had sent me earlier, Hair of the Dog Brewery's Michael, styled as a Flanders Red Ale.