Monday, May 3, 2010

DLD Aftermath: Great Divide Brewery Barrel Aged Yeti

This is the last beer of note from Dark Lord Day weekend that warrants a full post.  On the day after DLD, Shaun and I headed down to Chicago's great Twisted Spoke in search of a couple of Bloody Marys.  We found them piled high with lunchmeat in the traditional Spoke style.  But, with all of those great beers they have on tap and in bottles, there wasn't as chance in hell we were leaving without some brews. My first beer was a Founders Hand of Doom Double IPA (as described), that was crisp and hoppy with an elegant layer of malt.  

Another friend showed up later and instructed me to just "order something."  I suggested a KBS, a beer that always rewards. I had one too.  For her second beer she wanted something different, without as much powerful bourbon flavor.  I spotted the Barrel Aged Great Divide Yeti on tap and ordered one for each of us.  Despite a Bloody Mary, a Hand of Doom, and a KBS before it, the Yeti truly stood out and made me take notice.

It poured a decent sized tan head, revealing its underlying hop foundation.  The core beer is tar black and completely opaque.  It's an exceedingly well integrated brew, combining some dark bitter chocolate, sweeter molasses, spice, and coffee into a seamless thick, smooth stream.  Bourbon is present but not nearly as powerful as the KBS.  Its mouthfeel is creamy and it glides down the palate, leaving a long finish of roasted malts, coffee and chocolate.  Simply put, this is an AMAZING beer and I hope to try it again, on its own, without preemption from other brews.

PROS:  A great and powerful beer that's so startlingly complex it will practically sober you up upon first sip.

CONS:  Its high alcohol content will ensure that the moment of sobriety is short-lived. This beer hypnotically acts upon you: you'll know you want another but won't know exactly why.

VERDICT:  Find this holy water and drink it.  It commands you.

* * * * 1/2 stars.  Superbly done.  Elite class.

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