Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shaun's DLD experience Part 2 - Actually getting our Dark Lord

Sorry to all the interested readers out there who have been left hanging the last 20 days. I was on vacation for a while and then when I got back it was Seattle Beer Week! So I have spent too much time out and about and not enough in front of my computer. Here is the second installment from Shaun's version of Dark Lord Day or "How we finally got around to getting our Dark Lord."

Picking up where I left off we had spent our morning sharing great beer with wonderful people. After our pastrami sandwiches and about the time we realized we were about to head off the deep end we decided to take a break, get down to the business at hand of procuring our allotment of Dark Lord. As we surveyed the line we realized it had not gotten any shorter and were wandering around talking to folks in line as we went along. We eventually met and started chatting with a few girls from Girls Pint Out. We talked and shared stories for a while and eventually they invited us to join them in line. We looked behind and asked if folks had a problem and everyone joyfully (read drunkenly) said "sure!"

So Mark and I joined in line. Thanks Ladies! It was really cool to meet an all girl beer drinking crew. A little while later we were at the front steps. I felt a little like a kid walking in to Disney Land or a baseball game. There were FFF folks checking tickets, stamping them and letting people by. It was smooth and flowed very well provided you weren't fumbling for your tickets for ten minutes, ahem. We walked in and they had multiple tables set up of people taking cash and filling your orders. They even had '09 bottles for sale if you wanted as part of your allotment. Since I already have an '08 and '09 (thanks Mark!) I stuck to the program and got my full 8 beers. Mark picked up an '09 for Josh as part of his and we were in and out in a Jiffy. That was much smoother than the HOD dock sale although in fairness there was only one beer you were in line to buy. The rest were sold elsewhere.

Once we had the goods Mark and Josh headed back to the car to drop them off while I continued to celebrate with our friends. Ah what a great event and a great day. As Mark described in his post there were further hijinks during the afternoon and eventually we cut out so we could make our way home in a safe and sober manner. I'd like to thank the following people for making it a very special occasion: Three Floyds and all their employees, the people of Munster, all those great participants from all over and your willingness to share and meet like minded people, Josh from (Thanks for the mention in your post), the girls of Girls Pint Out, and Special thanks to my friend Brendan for showing up and representing Seattle strong at DLD. Last but not least a very special thanks to Mark for treating me like a prince as always and showing me around his kingdom. See you soon buddy. See everyone next year!

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