Saturday, October 16, 2010

Port Brewing Fresh Hop IPA

Port Brewing cranks out IPAs the way that the state of Florida churns out football players.  They have a deep roster of the hoppy beers.  I went to the brewery's original location in Solana Beach, CA, in September and tried a new DIPA that just debuted at their Ocean Beach location and is amazing.   Fortunately, quite a few of them make their way to Chicago.  I recently tried the Fresh Hop IPA in a bomber sized bottle.

I was home watching some baseball and ordered take out pizza that was deliciously loaded with red sauce, basil and garlic.  Fresh Hop is vibrant with the expected citrus nose.  It exploded out of the bottle, developing a massive head.  It has moderate carbonation for a very light mouthfeel and drinks effortlessly.  The hops are wet and kind coat the tongue like a syrup, offering sharp grapefruit flavor.  What sets this beer apart is its light texture and the softness of the hopping. It never bites too hard.  It went well with the pizza and can handle most cheese and meat items.  It's another solid Port offering and I'd give it 4.25 of 5 stars. 

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