Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quick Take: Dark Horse Brewing Boffo Brown Ale

I haven't written enough about Dark Horse Brewing.  Located in Marshall, MI, this brewer is know for unusual and outstanding takes on popular American styles of beer. They don't dabble in a lot of European styles and I've never tasted a Belgian out of their shop, but, similar to their Michigan cousins, Founders Brewing, when they make a beer, I know it's going to have their signature stamp of uniqueness to it.
This is why, when I was in a local wine store the other day and saw that they had a single 12 ounce of Dark Horse Boffo Brown Ale, I had to try this because I knew I would get something, at a minimum, tasty and unique.  It did not disappoint.  It pours a very dark color for a brown, much like a rich porter.  The head is tan and diminishes quickly but the excellent carbonation for the style allows it to retain some of that foam dome.  It certainly does not dissipate entirely as does a Shiner Bock. 

As for the taste, it reminded me of my first experience with Brooklyn Brown Ale.  It has a solid nuttiness to it, and I also detect a herbaciousness, a slight tang akin to orange-pomegranate, and a bit of rye bread.  It has a pleasant nutty aftertaste.  I would recommend this for sessioning and it's a great beer to find if you are going out and want to drink 3-4 of the same beer.  It's light to medium body and sturdy flavor could handle it being chilled to a low quaffable temperature as you might a macrobrew. 

This is a versatile winner that I highly recommend for the fall.  I rate this 4 stars out of 5.

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