Sunday, January 16, 2011

All Tied Up, Do the Seahawks and Bears Go to Overtime??

It's been a bitter battle with heroes and great plays on both sides of the ball. It's down to the wire now at the end of the 4th quarter and, like all great contests, is all tied up. Seattle has the ball but Chicago has stood them up at the 40 yard line and it's 4th down. How is Seattle going to overcome this?

Well Mark, you've brought some excellent beers to the table. All the players in this contest, like pro football, aren't from Seattle or Chicago! So is this really a contest between Chicago's beer and Seattle's beer? Or is it just a contest of which town can get the best beer?

I'm looking at that 4th down 10 seconds left 50 yard field goal and taking a long look down the bench. The crowd starts chanting for their hometown boy. Baron! Baron! Baron! I'm calling up Seattle's own Baron Pilsner to put this game away.

Baron Brewing is fanatical about re-creating authentic German beers. All their ingredients are imported from Germany and their brewing methods dogmatically authentic. Their pilsner is one of the best I've tasted that brought me back to tall glasses of straw colored beer. It's golden, biscuity, fresh, and spicy. The hops give it a black pepper spice that you'll only be able to pick out in a lighter more delicate beer. What this beer lacks in body and burliness it makes up for subtle complexity and fresh flavors. It's the home town hero. The crowd goes wild as the teams line up. The snap goes off cleanly, Baron steps up and kicks! And the ball soars down the field....and...AND... We'll have to wait for the real game to find out the winner.

Best of luck to you and Chicago Mark. It's been a fun contest and it will be a great game!

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