Friday, January 14, 2011

Da Team of Beers That Crushes Shaun's Roster

My, my, are they feisty in Seattle, perhaps from too much coffee.  I guess the gauntlet has been thrown down and Seattle has rallied to even the game, in their minds.  Deschutes Brewery is indeed a fine play call by the city of the 'Hawks, with its fruity notes but sturdy hop belly that far removes it from one-and-done status, like that football first round draft pick who thinks he can rely on his 4.3 speed and Subway commericals to become a star player.  Shaun has even set us up with an audible by calling on several Deschutes IPA's to help tack on a couple of extra points.  I have not tried these IPA's but have no doubt that Seattle's proximity to hop country affords them the freshest bittering cones needed to make those babies knock your palate into the end zone.  It's halftime and Seattle pulls even.
Chicago opens the third quarter needing another secret weapon of the Devin Hester kick return variety to surge back on top.  The playbook lists Three Floyd's Broo Doo, a massive barleywine that might as well be an imperial IPA given its massive hop deluge, probably topping 80 IBU's, but is seamlessly tamed with creamy malts resembling springtime fruits.  But, Chicago must audible, having called on Three Floyd's twice already.  Out of barleywines that Shaun has tried, what will Chicago do?   Fear not.  Bell's puts its helmet on and enters the game for the first time. 

The huddle breaks, the snap is made, and the play goes right with Bell's Hopslam smashing past some feckless Seattle defender who has no chance against Hopslam's massive head, enormous citrus and honey aroma, and gargantuan hop assault on the finish that's barely, just barely, restrained by the honey you recall was on the nose before the hop attack.  Now you only smell the smelling salts as Hopslam has smashed through Seattle's line, exploded into the end zone and in classic Chicago style, ala the legendary Sweetness, and simply handed the ball to the ref in a confident, "we've been here before" fashion. 

Chicago takes the lead!  And - oh - what's this?  Chicago tacks on another score with Founders Breakfast Stout, the imperial breakfast stout that enters play by packing a wallop with its rich coffee and chocolate aromas and its bitter chocolate, oatmeal and java combination that unifies for a firm, slightly dry finish.  This savvy veteran who never fumbles shows off the skills and makes a great move and a huge catch to widen Chicago's margin. 

What will the Emerald City do?  Time for them to take off the tiaras and attempt a comeback.

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