Friday, January 7, 2011

Elysian Brewing -Revving up the Bifröst family

Every winter after the holidays we hit that dreary slump up here in Seattle. You have to lever yourself off the couch and chase every ray of sunshine to make it through to spring. About this time of year Elysian Brewing does their part to give us a reason to go out side in the pitch black that is 5:30pm. They take their Bifröst
winter ale and start going nuts with it...

I think this is how their brewers handle the dark, zero holiday months between now and spring. They dream up crazy things to do with Bifröst.

Well it's begun. They're definitely rockin' out with their umlaut out this year. This week at their Capitol Hill location they had Elk Frost on tap. I didn't get a chance to ask what was in it but it was big, boozy, and all kinds of hopped up. Schooner size only. It was a pretty strong beer for my mushroom burger so next time I think I'll move up to something more suited to stand up to the Habanero chilies.

Here's a little background from what I can remember on some of their offerings last year.

-Brett Frost - Brett Sour bi frost
-Jack Frost - Jack Daniels barrel aged
-bye-bye Frost - double winter ale super hopped!
-Oak Frost - Oak barrel aged

At their winter fest they had a bunch more that escape me right now (no surprise after a few of those). If you're not sure how you're going to make it through the Seattle grey this winter, stop by your nearest Elysian brew pub and try whatever version of Bifröst they have on tap. It will definitely be worth walking out your door into the cold, dark, and rain.

Let's drink to our sanity everyone!

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