Thursday, January 13, 2011

Go Seahawks! - Or how to make Mark cry...

I figured Mark would fire the one bullet he has. You're all out now my friend. The Dark Lord may catch one in the endzone once in a great while but one beer does not win a contest.My Deschutes runningbacks roll deep and rumble all over your puny defense. My Mirror Mirror barleywine easily stands up to even the largest behemoth you put on your D. Smooth with sweet complex flavors that slide right by your backs over and over all day. Or if you prefer I can pound it down your throat with IPA after IPA from just Deschutes. Hop Henge will pound it up the middle and Hop in the Dark will be there on the outside where you least expect it. And Inversion IPA is always good for 3-5 yards and the 3rd down conversion. Seattle just racked up 2 TDs while Chicago is still trying to figure out what to do next.

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