Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seattle v Chicago - Countdown to Division Championship

By some grace of god Seattle is still in the NFC playoffs and tee'ing off against Chicago this Sunday. So in the spirit of the playoffs I'm going to kick sand in Mark's face to the best of my ability and state that Chicago beer cannot hold a candle to Seattle beer!

We laid down the rules.
-I get to choose beers from Washington and Oregon.
-Mark gets to choose beers from Michigan, Indiana, and, Illinois.
-I'll pick the first style and beer.
-Mark makes a pathetic attempt to compare his best to mine and loses miserably. :)
-Mark then offers a new style that he has a prayer of beating me in and selects his champion.

For Round 1 I choose...Battle Barrel Aged Porter!!!

My champion is: Full Sail Top Sail!

The ultimate porter. It's full bodied, with coffee, chocolate, and an oaky warmth that emanates from the aftertaste as the bourbon barrel aging closes the taste. it's at home in a frosty mug or in a cognac glass. This is the culmination of the Porter style. It towers over many "Imperial" stouts in both the subtle complexity, and robust flavors. If I was stuck naked in the Alaskan wilderness this beer would keep me warm and safe.

Good luck Mark! This beer is like the Seahawks on Sunday. They're going Cloverfield on Chicago!

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