Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finch's Beer Company Expands Their Roster

I wrote about Finch's Beer Co. here, the small Chicago brewer that recently started offering their beers in cans and on tap around town.  They started with the Golden Wing, a surprisingly hoppy blonde ale, and the Cut Throat Pale Ale, an exceedingly brutal hop affair that remains satisfying.

The good news is that they have started expanding their beer lineup, as two other Finch's brews are listed at as being on tap at various Chicago public houses.  A beer called the Sapsucker, true to Finch's bird motif, and an IPA called the Seamless are offered on draft.  I believe that Sheffield's has the Sapsucker and Bangers & Lace offers the Seamless.  Given the incredible hoppiness of their blonde and pale ales, I'm exceedingly curious about what Finch's thinks an IPA should taste like.  I don't have ABV or IBU information for the beers.

These nascent beers are so new that Finch's has not updated their website to acknowledge them, as the site still only lists the two primary beers.  This comment with the embedded HTML link will seem ridiculous in a few days when the site is updated but I just feel link happy today. 

If you can find these beers and try them, write us a comment to this post and let us know what you think.

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