Thursday, August 11, 2011

Port Brewing - Mongo Double IPA Shaun's take on a big beer

Mark has been on a tear lately with some excellent reviews that make my mouth water. I saw his review of Port Brewing's Mongo double IPA and decided to write a review of this big heavy handed beer. you can find this in 22oz bombers in most stores that carry Port Brewing's lineup.

Let me start by saying this is what a double IPA should be. Many are double the malt and strong on hops but no more hop forward than their IPA brethren. This is hop forward like your aunt after too many drinks at a wedding.

It has a strong pine nose. Thick voluminous white head over cloudy golden brown color. It billows up out of the glass as your pour it. You need to stop and watch it settle down.

Head gives a creaminess to a strong hop profile that sucks the moisture out of your mouth and lingers not just on the tongue but on the lips and insides of your cheeks. The carbonation is slight and the more you drink it the stronger the flavor gets. It keeps building until you swear you have a pine forest in your mouth.

Even trying to sneak a taste of the thick foamy head gets over run by the piney resinous hop flavors. This is an aptly named beer.

this double IPA is bringing a cannon to a gun fight. This is for going to the bar with your amber ale loving buddy and playing a joke on him by switching it out for this monster. If you want to have an ipa shootout to see who's is the hoppiest. Here is your contender.

Excellent example of a double IPA with serious pine and bitter hops flavor.

Is a bit much to sit down and really enjoy. You need a glass of water alongside to stay hydrated.
The beer you want by your side in a hop brawl. 3.5 out of 5.

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MJS said...

Good review. Spot on observation that Mongo immediately and completely dries out your palate. Dehydration was never more enjoyable than the time when I passed on the water alongside a Mongo IPA.