Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back From Seattle With Beer Stories: Georgetown Brewing Lucille IPA

I have returned - and recovered - from my recent sojourn in Seattle with Shaun.  As the pictures show, I had a great time partying with Shaun and his baby daughter.  Wow, is she going to be lucky or what to get a beer education from her dad - in 21 years, that is.  In the meantime, it's up to me and Shaun to write about the great beers, particularly those in the Pacific Northwest that are so uncannily awesome.  I have much to detail and review.   There was the trip to Elysian Brewing's brewpub where I had an excellent pair of IPA's and a delicious stout, along with some prize tastings.  There was a Dark Lord vertical tasting at Shaun's detailed in his recent post.  There were other outstanding IPA's, sours, and offerings from the west coast that remind me of why beers out there have such a terrific reputation.

The whole adventure started right after I got off the plane.  One of the best feelings of any vacation is in that moment right after you leave the airport with your bag.  After Shaun and I picked up some bottles at a local liquor store, we popped into a local tavern in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood and I was soon bestowed, and perhaps besotted, with a delicious local IPA.  That beer was Georgetown Brewing's Lucille.  What a great way to start.  There's nothing special about this beer.  The finish has no unusual flavors, the color is a standard IPA hazy yellow.  The smell is not unique.  What's great about it is that it just has that striking freshness in the hops that you only get on the west coast.  It was clean with a great hop bite, and a not-too-dry finish that still contained the perfect amount of resin.  One taste and you know you're not in Chicago anymore.

The bottom line is that this is just a great, by the books IPA with no frills.   That's exactly what the doctor ordered and a great way to start my latest and greatest Seattle adventure.

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