Friday, September 2, 2011

Mark Comes to Seattle - Three Floyd's Dark Lord 3 yr Vertical

Well, I finally got Mark out to Seattle to meet my brand new baby girl. And while we he was here I just had to host a  vertical tasting of my Three Floyd's Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout that Mark has helped me collect over the last 3-4 years. One or two of you who may have read some of our posts before on our Dark Lord Day hijinks. And we shared a few of our recent favorites and discoveries while we had the chance. It was great to see you again buddy!

I invited a few friends over and cooked up some steaks on the grill to properly celebrate the occasion. I knew a single bottle of Dark Lord is a bit much for even two people but three would require some help. A few of the "mustlovebeer" group stopped over and we cracked them one at a time. We opened a 2007, 2009, and 2010. Those of sharp eye will notice we were absent a 2008. Oh well. On to the tasting!

They all were carbonated on opening. they pour with very little head and look like the the thick inky blackness that you would imagine the Dark Lord would live in.

The 07 Dark Lord
It has a sweet carmel rasin start, with a strong coffee finish. It's layered and subtle and complex. Each of the flavors, the Rasin, the chocolate malt, the coffee, they all show up in order and then play back and forth on your tongue. It lingers on the back of the tongue and continues on after you're done. The finish is huge.

The 09 Dark Lord
This was the most surprising and different of the three. I suspect there was a shift in the recipe for 2009. It has a very strong raisin nose with molasses and sweet raisin taste. It's lighter on the coffee and alcohol. It has a Lingering sweet finish and the sweetest of the group. I would let this one wait another year or two it's very sweet.

The 2010 Dark Lord
It has a sweet hot nose like a port wine or rum. There is a clear alcohol hotness. The taste has strong molasses and is silky on the tongue. It is definitely the strongest of the three as you'd expect. It could use more time to let the alcohol settle down. Surprisingly it's not as sweet as the 2010. Maybe this is a progression in the aging process where the alcohol settles down and the sweetness comes out, then you wait longer and the sweetness settles down.

Verdict. This ages well. Feel free to keep it. And it needs 3-4 years minimum. And only drink with with good friends who can appreciate this strong "Lord" of beers.


mikey_s said...

That's definitely a quite rare vertical. I have a few DL's hidden away here, hard to decide when to break out a beer like that. Definitely not on a summer day ;^).

BeerShaun said...

thanks Mike! Yeah, I'd say the consensus is wait 4 years. I'd say even the 07 will get better. So you have some time unless you're dying to open one. Around the table we all agreed the '07 was the best. I have a little concern for the /'09 being as sweet as it was. I think they may have tweaked the recipe. That and I still have some of the 2010 left in my fridge. I've been taking tastes off it all week (corked) and even a week later it's mellowing out a bit and still tasty.