Sunday, September 11, 2011

Upcoming Seattle Events Sept - Oct

There are some great beer events coming up in September and October and here are my picks:

1)Elysian's Great Pumpkin Festival. Oct. 8th and 9th.
This is one of my favorite fall festivals. Last year was a bit of a mad house since it was in their small parking lot at the Capitol Hill location and they had only 6 tables to serve the hundreds of people showing up. This year it's going to be down at their new facility in Georgetown. That means much more room and hopefully, more tables with shorter lines. They really flex their networking muscles at this event. They always  get some of the best fall and pumpkin beers around including their Allagash collaboration Ghoulship. It was fermented in Allagash's coolship on Halloween 2008 and then put it in barrels. Every year they open another barrel and bring it to the festival. It's yummy!

Last year they had their mister yuck Pumpkin Sour, and a strong showing of their own concoctions topping off with a giant pumpkin filled with beer!

they have a ton of great guests like, Jolly Pumpkin, Silver City, Russian River, Black Raven, and a special Rum barrel aged Pumpkin Ale! Yumm again. Better find a designated driver! Pre-sale tickets are $20 either via Brown paper tickets or at one of their restaurants.

2)Fremont Octoberfest
Okay I know it's more of a quantity over quality fest but you can find some great gems here and there if you look carefully. And you can get your first sip of Deschutes Jubeale each year. It's October 23rd, 24th and 25th. So taste a few gems and then sit down with a half liter of your favorite! Or if it gets out of hand you can always sneak out to Fremont Brewing or Brouwers.

3)Keep an eye out for Fresh Hop beers!
It's Hop Harvest! That means the fresh hop and wet hop beers are hitting the shelves and bars about now. In the pacific NW we are fortunate to grow almost all the hops grown in the united states between Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. That means we are blessed with an abundance of fresh hopped beers. These beers take pale and India pale ales and take them to the next level. Brewers through them into the kettle whole flower without drying or processing. They lend so much more complexity and "terior" to the beer. The flavors are not as concentrated so you get earthiness and herbal notes that are usually lost in most IPAs and pale ales. These are best had on cask or naturally conditioned. The light carbonation allows more subtle flavors to come through and doesn't mask them as much. Two Beers brewing already has their fresh hop out. Keep an eye out for Deschutes Twilight and Hop Trip, Sierra Nevada's Harvest Ale, and your twitter account clear!

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