Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More On The Hop Harvest

Shaun waxed poetically about the decided advantage he has in the Pacific Northwest inasmuch as they have the freshest hops out there while the rest of us have to import them.  This pays off in wonderful ways at hop harvest time in the early fall.  I shot back with a couple of notable local fresh hop beers that extract the hop harvest goodness but failed to mention one important player:  Three Floyds.  Who else?

Their Broo Doo annual hop harvest release is now out in bomber sized bottles.  This has been a phenomenal imperial hop cornucopia in the past and I expect it to be no different this year.  I plan to get my allotment of it and get back to you with a full report soon.  Anyway, take that, Seattle (but I still love you).

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