Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Port -High Tide Fresh Hop IPA

The Fresh Hop parade continues! This time I've picked up a bottle of Port Brewing's High Tide Fresh Hop IPA. This is one of the stronger Fresh Hop beers. Most are a bit subtler celebrating the subtle complex flavors in the hop profile. This is not one of those...

It has a hazy orange color and pours a thick doughy head. It has a very strong nose of peaches and mango. It's first impression is very enticing.

This is strong for a fresh hop beer. It is definitely an IPA. Don't think that because it's fresh hop that it's lost any of the punch that Port brings to their IPAs. It's very resiny and, like Mongo sucks the moisture off your tongue and leaves a hop aftertaste that just keeps going. It definitely hits a hop heads heart strings. It's not as floral or herbal as some of the other fresh hop beers but the fresh pungent hop aromas and flavors show off their strength. This beer sticks with you. The strong carbonation helps offset the bite up front but once it's gone it is open season on your taste buds.

It's a strong punch of a beer and definitely fresh. It's not what I look for in a fresh hop beer but it's an excellent fresh, juicy IPA.

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