Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review - Firestone Walker Brewing Parabola Imperial Stout

Over at Chicago Foodies I dissect Firestone Walker's 2011 release of Parabola, and lament over the increasing scarcity of great beers, particularly the limited release, barrel aged beers that have beer geeks crossing state lines.  I have a few more thoughts below. 

I'll add that I found the Parabola exceedingly hot and tight on tap, with the earthy hops and boozy alcohol highly pronounced.  It had a tightness to it that can make Founders Breakfast Stout initially off-putting especially if you've gone a while without one.  Parabola was tamer out of the bottle perhaps because it wasn't as tightened by the forced carbonation.  Regardless, this beer won't start to show its true potential for a year. 

Anyway, enjoy the piece. I had fun writing it which made me think a lot about where the craft beer explosion is all headed. 

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BeerShaun said...

Glad you like the Parabola and see the potential. Definitely get what you can. It is hugely popular over here. I first had it side by side with Mikeller Beer Geek breakfast stout and thought it was superior. You're right about the agony. Drinking barrell aged imperial stout fresh is like drinking cabernet sauvignon young. A waste and a disappointment.