Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy Thanksgiving! - My thoughts on what beer to bring

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have an abundance of friends, family,and good food. And a dearth of drama.

Thanksgiving is a great special occasion to break out a special beer to share with your loved ones. Here are my thoughts and recommendations.

My criteria:

 1) It's a special occasion so go raid the cellar and break out something you've been sitting on for a special occasion.

2)No Christmas beer! It's not Christmas yet damnit! Skip the Christmas ales.

3)It should be hearty and malty to sip on with good conversation in front of a fire or with appetizers. Something like a bourbon porter, belgian strong ale (quad) or barley-wine. Some specials on the sour end of the spectrum are also good candidates. Of course winter ales will be excellent candidates. No Christmas Ales!

4)Know your audience. Don't bring something that's going to blow away people's palette too much. If you Show up with a Cantillion gueze you may be drinking it alone if no one else is a big sour fan. Something with some sweetness and complexity is generally a crowd pleaser. A Raisin d'extra, Full Sail Top Sail, Bigfoot barleywine or Doggie Claws are good examples of excellent beers that knock people's socks off but aren't to abusive when sipping.

So with that in mind dust off your collection and go bring something nice to dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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