Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Glarus Brewing IIPA

Certain New Glarus beers have a "thumbprint" on the bottle, which is a drawing in the shape of Wisconsin with fingerprint lines running through it.  Those beers are affectionately referred to as "Thumbprint" beers, including the Double IPA I just tried, the IIPA.  I guess the print motif is their way of saying that they're putting their mark on Badger State brewing.  That's a hard proposition to argue with as they have some impressive beers.  This is not one of them.  

I'm not aware of the freshness of the IIPA I tried.  It poured a nice enough head into a small "Alpha King" pint glass, the kind that slightly widens at the top.  From a sensory standpoint, it was nothing out of the ordinary: a standard midwestern IPA. Its top smells of bread, flowers, and light citrus.  The color is a cloudy, deep orange amber.  Tasting it presented some surprises.  The carbonation was lighter and it felt a bit creamier.  Most surprising was that apart from the expected citrus flavors, I tasted peaches.  Yes, peaches on the finish.   This was interesting but I thought it interfered with the hoped for satisfyingly snappy finish that never came.

This is far, far from a bad beer. It's just not the kind of standout I'd expect from New Glarus, considering some of their other breathtaking fare.  If I were competing in an IPA contest like the recent Midwest v. West, East v. Mountains one here at Quenchers, I would not challenge my West Coast brethren wielding IIPA.  It might play better in Georgia where they love their peaches.

3.4 of 5 stars. 

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