Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oakshire Ill tempered Gnome - Welcome to Winter Damnit!

Well it's definitely winter time. You can tell around here because the sun goes away for 6 months. Well to celebrate the all to quick approach of winter grey and darkness Oakshire Brewing has brought us Ill Tempered Gnome. Which is how most of us start to feel as winter makes itself known. If you don't see the connection just come up to the PACNW for a winter and I think you'll know how Ill tempered a Gnome can get. 

Enough about the weather. This is about the beer. If you recall I was introduced to Oakshire this summer at the Seattle International Beer festival and was very impressed with their offering. This is their winter ale. It's a hoppy brown ale and, well that's kind of it. Maybe they are spending their efforts on their excellent single batch beers but this one is a bit...ill tempered. There is that middle of the road malty brown ale up front. Then there is some bitter hops at the end that sit in the back of your throat. But that's about it. 

Slight malt nose and a slight head that fades. I want a winter ale that cheers me up and warms me from the cold. Not something that actually makes me MORE ill tempered than winter up here already does. I can see how they figured out the name. Basically it's how you feel after looking forward to an excellent seasonal offering from one of your new favorite breweries and finding out it's just a brown ale with some extra hops.

Pros: Um..You do feel like an Ill Tempered Gnome after drinking it.

Cons: It's just another brown ale that falls flat and just reminds you about the dreariness of winter.

Verdict: Bah Humbug!

2/5 stars

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